PhDiaFusion 2023

Artificial intelligence for plasma diagnostics and controlled Fusion

19 - 23 June,  Niepołomice Royal Castle, Poland

Organised by :     Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences (IFJ PAN),

                               Institute for Magnetic Fusion Research (IRFM) CEA, Cadarache, France

General information

Diagnostic measurements are essential in plasma experiments to infer the relevant plasma properties, both for physical interpretation and for real-time control. In modern fusion devices such as ITER, DEMO, or DONES neutron facility, the huge amount of generated data may require fast and efficient processes to infer the physical quantities with a reasonable computational cost. The use of artificial intelligence can be of a great help to achieve this goal, by feeding learning systems with experimental data and/or simulation results.

The 2023 edition of the PhDiaFusion Summer School of Plasma Diagnostics will cover the diagnostics data processing, interpretation, validation and real-time control aspects with a focus on artificial intelligence methods.



    •    Mon, 15 May 2023    Deadline for online registration

    •    Mon, 29 May 2023    Deadline for abstract submission

    •    Sun, 30 April 2023   Deadline for early fee payment

   •    Wed, 31 May 2023    Deadline for fee payment

Master students are eligible to apply for FuseNet mobility funding.  

Please check Terms and Conditions at:

Organizing Committee

Director of the School:

Didier Mazon, IRFM CEA

Vice-director of the School:

Marek Scholz, IFJ PAN

Scientific Committee:


Didier Mazon, IRFM CEA, Cadarache, France


Marek Scholz, IFJ PAN, Poland

Urszula Woźnicka, IFJ PAN, Poland

Marco De Baar, DIFFER, The Netherlands

Organizing Committee:

Jakub Bielecki - Chairman, IFJ PAN

Agnieszka Kulińska - Managing Director, IFJ PAN

Axel Jardin - Scientific Secretary, IFJ PAN

Urszula Wiącek - Editor, IFJ PAN

Arkadiusz Kurowski, IFJ PAN

Krzysztof Król, IFJ PAN

Jędrzej Walkowiak, IFJ PAN

Grzegorz Tracz, IFJ PAN

Maciej Turzański, IFJ PAN

Registration, abstract submission and payment

Abstract submission

All participants of the PhDiaFusion 2023 Summer School are kindly requested to submit a short abstract. Student presentation should not exceed 15 minutes including discussion (typically 12 minutes of presentation and 3 minutes of discussion).

The invited lecturers are kindly requested to prepare presentation up to 40 minutes (including discussion). In addition, the invited lecturers may also prepare a tutorial up to 1/2 hour (including discussion).

The deadline for abstract submission is 29.05.2023.

The abstracts will be published in the Book of Abstracts which will be distributed among the school participants. For abstract preparation please follow the instructions given in phdia_abstract_template.doc file. The abstract prepared in doc format should be sent by e-mail to address. Please include your first and last name in the title of file. The abstracts submitted by students will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee.

  • The selected papers will be, after a peer-review process, published in a special issue of Journal of Fusion Energy, Springer.
  • A special prize will be awarded to the best student presentations


All participants of the PhDiaFusion 2023 School are kindly requested to complete the on-line registration form before 15.05.2023.


 The full cost of participation is:

  • Early payment - before 30 of April = 750 €.
  • Regular payment  - 30 of April to 31 of May = 800 .

The money must be paid in Polish zloty (PLN) or in Euro (EUR). The current exchange rate can be checked at the National Bank of Poland (NBP). Payment can be made by bank transfer.

Please notice that the organizers DO NOT collect any details on your credit cards – possible fraud attempts were reported!

Bank account and transfer details

Name of the bank:

BGK o/Krakow

Bank address:

Promienistych 1 ,  31-481 Krakow, Poland

Bank account No (IBAN):

PL 80 1130 1150 0012 1147 8020 0031      for payment in Euro (EUR)

     53 1130 1150 0012 1147 8020 0032      for payment in Polish Zloty (PLN)




Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences

Beneficiary address:

Radzikowskiego 152, 31-342 Krakow, Poland

Transfer title:

PhDiaFusion 2023 Your Name

In the transfer details please indicate "PhDiaFusion 2023” and your first and last name. Please use english characters only. Please keep the receipt for registration and make sure that the bank transfer costs are not drawn from the fee.


Will be announced  soon

Jun 20

Lecture 1

Lecture 2

Coffee break

Lecture 3





Jun 19

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Jun 21

Jun 23

Jun 22

Preliminary agenda of the event. The detailed one will be announced soon.


The Royal Castle is located in the small community of Niepołomice, 25 km from the centre of Kraków. The School venue is easily accessible from Kraków via the A4 motorway and/or national road 75. The distance from the John Paul II International Airport Kraków-Balice is 40 km with a driving time of about 30 minutes. 

The village borders the Niepołomice Forest natural area which used to be the favourite hunting ground of the kings of Poland. It is located close to the banks of the meandering Vistula (polish: Wisła) river. Typical late September weather in Poland is mild and sunny, inviting outdoor recreation.



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